Links 11/9/19

Russian goat who made unlikely friends with tiger dies PhysOrg (Robert M)

House Plants Have Little Effect on Indoor Air Quality, Study Concludes New Atlas

The Carbon Bomb Scientific American (David L)

How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong New York Times (Eugene L, David L)

The fusion energy dream is inching toward planet-saving reality Washington Post (David L)

CDC announces breakthrough in vaping lung injury investigation The Verge

The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here MIT Technology Review


Trump Says U.S. Hasn’t Yet Agreed to Roll Back Tariffs as Part of China Trade Deal Wall Street Journal

In China, Shutterstock Censors Hong Kong and Other Searches Intercept

China’s pork imports may hit record 4.6 million tonnes in 2020: Rabobank Reuters (TP)

All the international brands that have apologized to China SupChina (resilc)


Revealed: private surgery for NHS patients soars under Tories Guardian (resilc)

General election poll of polls: Boris Johnson on course for 96-seat majority Telegraph. Recall the polls predicted IIRC a 30-40 seat Tory majority for Theresa May’s snap election. Having said that, I have no idea if they’ve improved their methodology since then.

Lord Ashcroft: My focus groups in three heavily remain-voting Liberal Democrat targets Conservative Home. A snapshot of sentiment.

Boris Johnson accused of misleading the public over his Brexit deal in Northern Ireland Guardian

Moody’s lowers UK credit outlook to negative on Brexit ‘paralysis’ Financial Times

Britain’s premier election debates won’t include parties opposed to Brexit CNN

Jail terms for 13 bankers over Monte Paschi scandal Financial Times

Greece tells MEPs: Migration on islands “explosive, beyond manageable capacity” Defend Democracy Press (furzy)

Brazil’s former president Lula walks free from prison after supreme court ruling Guardian

New Cold War

Interview with Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It Was Impossible To Go On Living Like Before’ Der Spiegel

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

UAW-Ford contract gives green light for stepped up monitoring of workers WSWS

The Next Freakout: Foreign Spies in Surveillance Valley! Yasha Levine

Imperial Collapse Watch

The “Deep State” Is a Political Party New Republic (resilc)

Trump Transition

ICE and complicity JWZ (resilc)

Steve Bannon: Roger Stone was our unused WikiLeaks ‘access point’ Politico

The Untold Story Of How Clinton’s Budget Destroyed The American Economy Business Insider

Is This Man Social Security’s Unlikely Rescuer? American Prospect (resilc)

Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia Guardian (Chuck L)

They Are Racist; Some of Them Have Guns. Inside the White Supremacist Group Hiding in Plain Sight. ProPublica (furzy)


Democrats aim to impeach Trump by Christmas The Hill

This Is No Ordinary Impeachment Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine (resilc)

New transcripts tie Mulvaney to quid pro quo effort The Hill


A Dem for All Seasons? New York Review of Books (resilc)

Does her healthcare plan make Warren too liberal to win? Los Angeles Times. JTM: “All the news we’re told to print.”

Our Famously Free Press

Megyn Kelly interviews Producer fired for Leaking ABC Amy Robach hot mic about Jeffrey Epstein story YouTube. BC: “So, ABC sat in the Epstein story for three years because it did not meet “journalistic standards” (despite first hand testimony, photo corroboration, and other women with similar stories) , but there is no problem with reaching across TWO separate networks to fire someone based on suspicion?”

Sioux tribes amplify calls against pipelines after Keystone spills 383,040 gallons Grand Forks Herald (furzy)

737 Max

Southwest pulls Boeing Max jets until March, nearly a year after grounding Reuters (resilc)

Boeing 737 Max: How Deregulation Kills People (Chuck L)

WeWork’s Adam Neumann sued over $1.7bn package BBC

EU’s Vestager says Google’s antitrust proposal not helping shopping rivals Reuters

PG&E Bankruptcy Protections Could Mean Less Money for Wildfire Victims Wall Street Journal

Class Warfare

MUSEUM OF NEOLIBERALISM Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives (lb)

What’s Best for the Children of Vermonters With Opioid-Use Disorder? Seven Days Vermont (resilc)

More than a third of millennials approve of communism, YouGov poll indicates Independent

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